Christmas festivities seem to center around the all-important Christmas tree, and for very good reason. This wondrous tree is where you gather your gifts for loved ones, where your family will decorate together and create more memories to cherish for years to come. So, you can’t just have any old tree, now can you? Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas tree lots only offer you the greatest quality and freshest trees in order to achieve all your Christmas season dreams.

There is a perfect type of tree for each Christmas need. And here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we can help you select the ideal Christmas tree for your family. Below are some of our best trees for key holiday season needs.

Douglas Fir – Richest Christmas Tree Scent

The Douglas Fir is widely considered the iconic Christmas tree and has been the traditional choice in many households since the 1920s. And it’s not hard to see why. Douglas Firs are pyramid-shaped evergreens that are dark green to blue-green in color. We love these trees due to their strong fragrance. If you are looking for a Christmas tree with the piney scent we all associate with Christmas, then this is your tree! Douglas Fir needles can even give off extra fragrance when crushed, causing your home to fill with the memorable aroma. The strong branches spread with needles that are flat, soft, and tend to grow in bunches, making this tree great for those that tend to use lots of decorations.

Fraser Fir – Perfect for Heavy & Bulky Ornaments

There always seems to be a point when decorating our Christmas tree where the branches don’t want to hold some of our ornaments. With the Fraser Fir, that is not an issue. This type of Christmas tree is extra sturdy and perfect for holding heavy and bulky ornaments. So, go ahead, fill up the tree without worry! Fraser Firs are conical in shape with branches that angle slightly upwards, great for hanging decorations.These dark blue-green trees tend to be more narrow than other selections, making them a perfect choice for smaller spaces. And a bonus, they have exceptional needle retention!

Noble Fir – Easy to Decorate

This stunningly symmetrical tree will be a statement in any home this holiday season. Noble Firs are long lasting and are commonly used for making wreaths and garland. But we love the Noble Fir for its beautiful coloring of bluish-green with a silvery tint along with its ability to decorate easily. It’s no small feat to gather the family and decorate (together) the Christmas tree. With choosing a Noble Fir, you are set up for success! The needles are 4-sided, over an inch long, and tend to curve upwards; the stiff, sturdy branches create shelf-like layers that make hanging ornaments and wrapping lights a breeze.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we love to help bring Christmas cheer to all during the season. We do this best by growing and providing the freshest and most beautiful trees every year. We carry trees in a variety of sizes, from table tops to 20 feet tall. Not sure what tree is the right fit for you? No problem! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you select and prep your perfect tree. All you need to do is visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Tree lot and start your Christmas off right!

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