It doesn’t really start to feel like Christmas until you have your Christmas tree. Once you have the perfect tree, the fun and festivities really begin! Whether you plan to decorate the tree with family or by yourself; maybe you’re going to have a tree decorating party. Whatever the case may be, why not switch up your traditional decorations and get creative! We have listed below some of our favorite fun and creative ways to decorate your tree this year.

  • Change Up the Lights – Instead of using the traditional string lights, choose something different. Use large round bulbs, like those used for outdoor patios, for a unique look. For something softer, use dainty LED fairy lights and drape from the top of the tree hanging down for an enchanting feel.
  • Use a Bold Tree Skirt – If you like to use a simple decoration scheme or like the minimal look, spice things up by adding a bold tree skirt! This is an easy way to revamp your Christmas tree with a single change. Create your own tree skirt with bright layers of felt or fabric cut into a simple circle. Or, if you’d like it already made, there are many options for purchase of bold patterns, vibrant colors, and fun material.
  • Update Your Garland – Swap out the ribbon garland! An effective and fun way to decorate your tree is to use garland; and now there are varieties of garland that fit any style. Why not use strings of pom-poms or colorful beads? Take a traditional route and create your own garland with popcorn and cranberries – get the whole family involved! Easy to do, just pop some popcorn, turn on a favorite Christmas movie and string together popcorn and fresh cranberries.
  • Combine Lights & Garland – It can be difficult to wrap a tree with lights, and then do it again for garland. Some of us would rather not. But having garland and lights is a great way to fill spaces in a Christmas tree to give it a full and festive look. So why not combine those two? It’s easy and gives your tree character. Choose a few coordinating fabrics that fit your style; cut fabric into thin strips then tie around the light cord; continue this until cord is completely covered. Now you only have to wrap one item around the tree and you have an instant, one-of-a-kind look.
  • DIY Ornaments – If you like to get crafty or have family that needs a project, do-it-yourself ornaments are perfect. This ensures that you have a personalized tree you can enjoy. A few fun ideas: use gingerbread to make ornaments; use chalkboard paint on wooden shapes then write a festive saying on each of them; create snowflake shapes with twigs and glue then spray paint white. There are many more options out there. Just get creative and have fun!
  • Break Out the Family Photos – There’s nothing like a walk down memory lane. And Christmas is a great time for reminiscing. Take those photos from the past year of major events, fun vacations, and good times and print them out – for a vintage look, print in black and white or sepia. Use little frames (these can be handmade or store bought) and hang around the tree. Each year you can use this decoration idea to look back and recollect with family and friends.
  • Advent Tree – Here’s a great idea for those families with kids! Instead of using a cardboard and chocolate advent calendar, mix it up. Turn your tree into the advent calendar with ease. Just use little pouches (in fun colors, little paper bags, burlap pouches) and fill them with treats or small toys. With one for each day leading up to Christmas, hang them on the tree as ornaments. Starting December 1st, let the fun begin!

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