You might be familiar with the classic 1965 animated television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the song that goes with it. Yes, ‘Christmas time is here,’ and this means it’s time for holiday cheer and the sights and sounds that go with it. The Douglas Fir tree is a staple in American households during the holiday season and picking out the perfect tree at your local Moon Valley Nurseries tree lot is also a family tradition throughout the Southwest – from Arizona to California and Nevada! And unlike the sad little tree picked by Charlie Brown, Moon Valley Nurseries trees are happy, vibrant and ready for decorating!

Get Ready to Decorate!

Gather the family because it’s time to dust off those precious decorations! Douglas Fir trees are very full looking. In fact, they are the kind of real Christmas trees that can handle a lot of ornaments and lights, so you might want to get the hot cocoa and cookies ready for a day or night that’s bound to be filled with the joys of holiday tree decorating! With a Douglas Fir, you get a green tree with needles that radiate in all directions, so get the popcorn maker a-poppin’ too so that you can start creating custom-made tinsel made with love! Yes, this is the perfect time of year to get the creative juices flowing. Creating hands-on projects with your family is a sure-fire way to make lifelong memories that can be passed on from generations to generations, and the Douglas Fir can handle plenty of add-ons!

Breathe in the Sweet Fragrance!

Nothing beats a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Sure, fake trees are easy to care for, but what fun is that? After all, along with the sights and sounds of a living Christmas is the aromatic fragrances that fill the air. From the freshly baked pies to the turkey and ham, and of course, the sweet scent of a freshly-cut Douglas Fir tree, which is a part of the must-have list. Let's face it, you aren't going to get that appetizing aroma from a spray can, and why would you want to spray a bunch of harmful chemicals inside your home anyways? After all, waking up to a room filled with the aroma of a fresh-cut tree is one of life’s simple pleasures, and you won't be breathing in chemicals that you can't pronounce. Fair warning, once you have your tree set up in your living room, it’s hard to resist crushing the needles that release the sweet fragrance everyone loves!

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Care

So, you visited our lot and found the perfect Christmas tree to take home. There’s no doubt that we have the freshest and best-looking real Douglas Fir for sale anywhere. After all, our trees are delivered fresh daily! We love our trees and our customers, so before you take your tree home, we make a fresh cut and trim the tree up the way you want it. Of course, you are going to want to keep it looking fresh and healthy for as long as you can. We have got some tips that can help your tree to keep looking and smelling healthy throughout the holiday season.

  • Fill the tree stand with water and be sure to keep it filled because a fresh-cut tree loves to consume water
  • It’s good practice that you never let the water level go below the base of the tree
  • Be sure to keep the tree away from heating ducts and other heat sources. The tree will do better in a location where the temperature is lower, so keep that in mind when setting the tree up.

Are you ready for Christmas!? We sure are! Be sure to visit our local Moon Valley Nurseries tree lots, where you can find them in Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. You’ll recognize our white big top and the fun atmosphere! That’s right, shopping for Christmas trees is fun and easy and guaranteed to bring the holiday cheer back to your home!

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