Fraser Fir

Name: Fraser Fir
Scientific Name: Abies fraseri
Key Features: Has a pleasant scent. Dark blue-green in color. Pyramid-shaped tree. Great needle-retention.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Abies fraseri

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees are a popular but fairly uncommon Christmas tree. These beautiful Christmas trees were first discovered by botanist John Fraser and are native to the Eastern United States. These are sometimes referred to as Southern balsam. These trees are easily recognizable by their unique silver foliage, with upright pointing needles, which make them perfect for holding bulky and heavy Christmas ornaments. The trunks on these trees are a dark color and have raised blister like pockets of resin which give it that beautiful fir smell. Fraser fir are usually more narrow than other Christmas tree varieties making these trees perfect for smaller areas of your home or apartment. Moon Valley Nurseries has been bringing in only the highest quality Fraser Fir Christmas trees for over 20, if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to start your family tradition with one of the World's Best Christmas Trees from Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Tree lots.